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I’m a Young Girl and Im Attracted to Older Men

I should say WAS. I was a young girl and attracted to older men lol but I’m still into much older guys. I don’t know what it is. Their experience at life. Idk I could just be more comfortable with them. Any-whoo :) I was just turning 21, him 53. I met him off here. And I lost my virginity to him. I don’t regret it to this day. Ill always have a love for him even though it didn’t last. He was her respectable and sweet. Never once made me feel uncomfortable. I actually moved in with him for a short while and moved to his state. ÷÷Not recommending this to anyone!!! ÷÷ Just sharing my experience. I was fortunate to have met someone who was as he said he was.

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I love older men, I am 18.

I had my first real crush when I was 13, the guy I liked was around 27. He was the first person I started having sexual thoughts about and I still do to this day (don’t worry, nothing illegal happened, I would never have put myself in that position). I’m 18 now and he is 34, I still absolutely adore him and I think he’s got better looking with age. I seem to have a thing for older guys, ya know? Of course, there are some lovely lads my age and who knows who I will get into a relationship with age wise, but secretly, I love the thought of being with a guy 10/20 years older than me. I’m one of those people that doesn’t let age bother me or make me uncomfortable, if I like someone, then I like someone, simple!

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girls who like older men’s success story

I believe girls who like older men are mature, There are many young girls who like older men.

I’m 23 and my bf is 38. So it’s 15 years gap…but he looks like 33-34 or such, he’s in a really good shape. Problem is we’re also in a LDR so it’s a bit difficult, but we love eachother and we’re happy. I’m a bit sad though because my family is kind of intrigued, in a bad way, like “what did she do to us?”, as if I committed this terrible sin…But after all 15 years of difference isn’t so horribly much, right?

I’m in an age gap relationship with a man 56 years more mature than myself. (Aha I don’t like saying older) :) We both have a wonderful relationship and love each other very much. I was just wondering if I could get your opinions and also do you have any ideas about cute things I could give him or do for him?  This is so great! Uhm, Idk what you could give him, but maybe your love’s enough.

 I was 17 and he was 37. math teacher, not school. never happened anything but his eyes talked more than anyone. he was making love to me with his eyes. the nights we spent chatting, the awkward conversations out of his car after class in a dark road in the night. this look when I accidentally popped on him with his child. I cant believe I never stole a kiss. but I cannot be the other woman. 1 year later, still wanting him to look me in the eye and tell me he wants me. ‘Cause I know he does.

So, If you are a young girl who like older men, you need to join onlie dating site. is the best dating site for young girls looking for older men.

girls with older men

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Why girls love older men

The older man: he’s confident, sexy and knows how to navigate his way around the boardroom and the bedroom. But how old is too old?

Stability! Fabulous sex! Chivalry is back! Hooray! Dating an older bloke has its merits. He treats you like a princess, opens the car door for you, carries your handbag, chooses the wine and pays for your dinner.

Whether the age gap is two years or twenty, many girls agree: older blokes are the way to go. (Just ask Hollywood’s most notorious younger girls Catherine Zeta Jones and Calista Flockhart.) But are these blokes really all they’re cracked up to be?

“A man’s power and security comes with age,” laments Suzie Engles, a successful twentysomething lawyer who doesn’t date blokes her own age. “They are already established so they don’t get intimidated by my success. Unlike younger men, they don’t mind if I work long hours because they understand the dedication. Oh, and they’ve got none of those weird issues that the younger boys seem to have.”

Ever since the courtship between movie stars Humphrey Bogart, 45, and Lauren Bacall, 20, back in the 1945, we’ve long been ascinated by age-gap relationships. Why do they work? What makes them tick? And…shouldn’t she be dating someone closer to her own age?

“I’d rather be with someone who looks after me well instead of an immature player-type,” says 23- year-old Lynne Rose who is currently dating a 48-year-old banker. “It’s a completely different experience. He understands the word ‘chivalry'; he opens the door, looks after me and is a complete gentleman.” And by the looks of him, he’s definitely not an old geezer. (At least not yet!)

“Besides,” adds Suzie, “the older man often comes complete with a place to live, a stable career and a fine wine collection!”

But while everything seems smooth sailing for the younger girls, the blokes don’t seem as thrilled.

“I always find myself having to carry the conversation between us,” says Matthew H., a 40-year-old television producer who regularly dates younger girls. “And another thing I find is that younger girls are extremely disorganised. They can never ever keep to arrangements. If something else comes along, they reschedule and re-arrange, even at the last minute because, hey, they’ll just see me the next night. But what they don’t understand is that I work; my time is extremely limited.”

Overhearing our converation, Matthew’s cameraman suddenly pipes up: “I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I agree; younger girls can be very immature. Now I’m dating a girl four years older than me, and it’s a whole different story!”

But back to the older blokes. Author Ron R. Steele, a seasoned “older man”, found that his over-35 mates were having a tough time nabbing the younger girl. So in lure of providing them with a few tips, he penned the tome How to Date Younger Women: For Men Over 35.

Aside from Steele’s various rules like “don’t be too possessive and jealous”, “be funny, light- hearted, silly, and laugh a lot” and “don’t choose the beauty queen”, I’ll leave you with his key piece of advice: “Get slim and trim. Young single women are not attracted to balding men with a potbelly.”

Indeed. Oh, and you might want to ditch the theatre for a club every now and then, just to keep things interesting.

Are you dating an older man/younger girl? Does age matter? How old is too old? If you want to date younger women, is your best choice.

Girls love older men

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Why Date Mature Men?

Mature men are, well… mature. They are classy. They’re suave. Unlike boys, mature men know how to treat a lady… in many, many ways!

Mature men seek young women to pamper and spoil. They want to add fun and excitement to their otherwise routine, monotonous lives. Many men here are looking for companions to take on exotic trips and vacations. Some want no-strings arrangements with occasional meets. Others want young girlfriends and even wives for true, long term romance. Some men want to hire “personal assistants”. Young girls post here because they want to date mature men, date older men and men seek to date young women or are seeking arrangement.

As you browse our profiles, you will find some of the men on look like famous middle-aged actors. Men like George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt. They’re here because they want you to find and contact them. They want you to post your profile so they can find you.

Do yourself a favor and try this site out. It’s totally free for ladies… so you really have nothing to lose. Create your free account now and set up your profile in just minutes.

Don’t dream about dating a handsome, successful older man. Date one!

Rendezvous Start Here…

Date mature men

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Why Date Young Girls?

Simply stated, young girls are adventurous, care-free and free-spirited. Not to mention, absolutely hot and gorgeous! And ‘girls just wanna have fun…’

Remember when you were in your twenties, guys? You were attracted to young girls then… and you still are. Come on, you know you are. brings together men like you and hot, young women who are fit, willing and able to please your body, mind and soul. They seek to date mature men, date older men and you seek to date young women or your seeking arrangement. They’re tired of boys and want to know what it’s like to be with a real man. They seek the kind of adventure that only a worldly gentleman like you can provide. They want to go places. They’re here because they know you can take them there.

The young girls on this site have set up profiles in the hopes that you will find them and take them away; teach them something that younger men can’t. Maybe help them out a bit. So, what are you waiting for, gentlemen? They want to date mature men, date older men and you seek to date young women or are seeking arrangement.

If you want to dream about dating young girls, well then go to that restaurant where the girls wear orange shorts. But if you’re ready to actually date them, well then…Rendezvous Start Here!

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